Key facts

Founded: 1998
Headquarter: Copenhagen (Søborg), Denmark

NNIT globally

Country Location Purpose
Denmark Soeborg Headquarters, delivery and sales, SCALES
Denmark Aarhus Delivery and sales in western Denmark, SCALES
Denmark Silkeborg Delivery
China Tianjin Delivery and life sciences sales
ChinaShanghaiLife sciences sales
Czech Republic Prague Delivery
Czech Republic Olomouc Delivery
Ireland DublinValiance Partners 
Germany Frankfurt Delivery and life sciences sales
Philippines Manila Delivery
Switzerland Zurich Delivery and life sciences sales
United Kingdom London Delivery and life sciences sales
United StatesBaskin Ridge, NJ Valiance Partners 
United States Princeton, NJ Delivery and life sciences sales


At the end of 2017 NNIT had 3,033 employees.
The distribution of the employees was 1,620 located in Denmark, 1,323 located in China, the Philippines and the Czech Republic and 87 located in Germany, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States

Business areas

We have two business areas:

  • IT Operations Services, principally providing Infrastructure Outsourcing and Support
  • IT Solution Services, principally providing Advisory Services, Business Solutions, and Application Outsourcing

Customers groups

We focus on four customer groups:

  • Life Sciences
  • Public
  • Enterprise
  • Finance

Copenhagen (Søborg), Denmark,
CVR nr. 21 09 31 06

Investor relations contact

Klaus Hosbond Skovrup
Head of Investor Relations

+45 3079 5355

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